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The Pickin Chicks


Honesty. Integrity.

On-Site Owner at Every Sale.

Everything We Offer

Hi, my name is Sara Anderson and I am the owner of The Pickin Chicks.  I started this business in 2014 as a hobby and it grew from there.   I have always loved attending flea markets, garage sales and thrift shops.  Why not do what you love, right?  I have the joy of sharing my passion with friends and family and now with all of you.  At The Pickin Chicks we  pride ourselves on  excellent customer service, honesty and providing the best care possible when handling a clients home.  

Estate Sales

House Clean Out




I worked with the Pickin Chicks to sell my aunt's estate and they were so wonderful and helpful during a difficult time for me. I would highly recommend them and all my friends who attended the sale told me they appreciated their professionalism and helpfulness during a busy sale. Top of the line staff!!!

Tracy Winters - Parker

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