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As long as I can remember, I've had a love of "stuff", okay junk. Collecting things, taking old things and turning them into something new, or the thrill of the hunt at a yard sale for the perfect treasure. I grew up in an older home with glass door knobs, beautiful oak woodwork, and pocket doors, built-ins everywhere and big heavy radiators for heat. From there my passion for hunting out old pieces of furniture or a vintage item grew.  I would first would only buy furniture to put in my home. I would refinish or paint it to fit into whatever room I needed it in. Then I would find other pieces that I just "had to have", even though I wasn't sure where it was going to go. Friends would ask if I could paint a piece of furniture for them, or tell me they were looking for something in particular and to keep my eye out during my "picking" adventures.
This love of treasure hunting evolved into a love of helping people get rid of their loved ones items, and help those who are downsizing.  At the Pickin Chicks, I believe we offer a unique service of friendly, caring individuals who truly love what we do.  If you are moving, and just need to downsize some items, we can help.  If you are handling the estate of a loved one who has passed, we can help.  If you just have "stuff" in your attic or basement collecting dust that you would like to make some money on, we can help with that too.  Since 2014, when I started this company, to the present, there is one thing that remains the same, I love what I do! 

First and foremost, we work hard for our clients.  In addition, we build lasting relationships not only with those that hire us, but the people who come to our sales.  We pride ourselves on being honest, friendly and hard working.  The Pickin Chicks only have one sale per weekend so we can focus all of our attention on the clients that have put their trust in us.  From the minute we walk in your home until after the sale, you have 100% of our commitment to making your sale the best it can be.

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