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It all started with a desk...

It all started with a desk!  I found an old desk at an estate sale that I thought would be fun to paint for my daughter's room.  I purchased some fun chevron fabric to cover the chair and went out to buy the new "chalk paint" everyone was talking about.  I was impressed with the way the paint was so easy to use and there was little to no prep work involved.  All I had to do was paint, do a little sanding and wax when I was done.

Wah la, a new, old piece of  quality wood furniture that was a fraction of the cost of a piece of new piece of pressed wood furniture.  I was hooked!

A few friends saw the desk, my mom, friends of my daughter, and soon people were asking if I would paint a piece of furniture they had.  Then, they would ask me to "keep my eye out" for a dresser, or a buffet or whatever they were in need of, while I was out on my weekly garage sale picks.  Why couldn't i turn this picking and painting into something more? (as you can see, the desk is now 3 years old. It has been well used and loved with a few dings and scratches.  But that gives it character right?) 

So it began, on my picking trips, furniture was at the top of my list of things to find.  Big, small, the older the better.  Water stained and scratched, no big deal.  Many pieces, I could look at and have a vision of what it would look like when it's painted. Some are just too good to pass up.  I ask myself where I would put this piece in my house?  What would I use it for?  Then I try to think outside the box.  What might someone else do with it?  Are there other uses for it?  Like, maybe an old dresser could now be a sink base.  Or, like the piece in this photo of an old child's dresser, could it be someone's TV stand and place to store DVD's and electronics? 

The possibilities are endless with furniture.  If you don't like a color, just paint over it.  If you don't like the hardware, change it.  Whether you use chalk paint, milk paint or regular satin hardware store paint, you can make it look however you want.  My personal preference is Country Chic Chalk Paint.  There is no odor, no VOC's and it coat's a piece of furniture beautifully.  I can paint a piece anywhere in my home, and not worry about the smell.   They have a wide variety of colors and will even mix custom colors to match any decor.  They also have many different wax colors to give your piece variety.

Country Chic has also recently introduced Metallic Creams to give your piece an extra added touch. Currently, you can purchase Country Chic Paint on The Pickin Chicks website or at our physical location inside Vintage Bliss in Beloit, Wisconsin.

The Pickin Chicks also offer custom painting.  If you aren't sure about painting a piece or simply don't have the time or space, we will do it for you.  Visit our contact tab and let us know you have a piece you would like painted.  We would be happy to come out and give you a quote.

If you see something you may be interested in from any of the photo's, please send us a message.  It may still be available.  We do ship! (except for furniture pieces)  

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