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My Story


As long as I can remember, I've had a love of "stuff", okay junk. Collecting things, taking old things and turning them into something new, or the thrill of the hunt at a yard sale for the perfect treasure. I grew up in an older home with glass door knobs, beautiful oak woodwork, and pocket doors, built-ins everywhere and big heavy radiators for heat. From there my passion for hunting out old pieces of furniture or a vintage item grew.  I would first only buy furniture to put in my home and refinish or paint it to fit into whatever room I needed it in. Then I would find other pieces that I just "had to have", even though I wasn't sure where it was going to go. Friends would ask if I could paint a piece of furniture for them, or tell me they were looking for something in particular and to keep my eye out during my "picking" adventures.
My daughter has quickly followed my love for picking -- tagging along to garage sales and finding her own treasures. We now pick, paint and create together.  We hope you follow us on our adventures and as share family stories.
My name is Sara and together with my daughter Meghan, we are The Pickin Chicks.  Thank you for taking this incredible journey with us.

A few of our friends have decided to join us in the fun and joined our Chicks family..look for Elaine, Kari, Christine, and Kelly at many of our shows.  There are even more that help out at our Estate Sales too.  

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